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Why Joomla?

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Choosing a system to develop your website is a huge decision that will impact your organization for years to come.

So let's see the key points that make the Joomla the absolute winner on this decision:


  • Secure and stable: Joomla has a continue updating cycle that keeps the system always secure and stable. Regular updates that can be easy incorporated insures that is is facing the latest threats of the web. So your website is not alone, but it has a huge system that works to keep it safe.  
  • Flexible: Joomla comes ready with the most of the needs os a small to medium website. But if you want to extend, we have the solution as we have worked with all major Joomla extensions, completing that way almost all functions requirements.
  • Total control for you as Joomla is easy of use. With a bit of training you will be able to manage the most of your website content.
  • Cost Effective: Joomla is free, so you are pay for the developing and customization but not for the CMS and the core functions. We are not waste a great deal of time or effort, as we are not reinvent the wheel. We just make it to suit your needs!
    So in the end of the day, you have a super CMS to drive your awesome website with the lowest budget that can be.
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